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Zynk Ecosystem

The Zynk Protocol ecosystem is an all-encompassing DeFi platform, integrating futuristic blockchain technology to provide a comprehensive suite of innovative and disruptive DeFi utilities.

Multi-chain Bridge:-

Our decentralized bridge supports multiple blockchains and enables quick transfer of coins between them. It offers support for both EVM and non-EVM based blockchains, providing users with a wide range of options for transferring digital assets.

Yield Farming building:-

Yield farming protocol with multi blockchain liquidity locking protocols which is executed by fastest by secure TLSC protocols for transaction settlements


A non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet that gives users control over their own private keys, addresses, and funds.

dApps (ZynkSwap, Portfolio Tracker):-

Providing various dApps for fulfilling different requirements to cover complete solutions under 1 roof.


A pack of 2,000 revolutionary and unique $ZYNK NFTs. NFTs holders will be benefitted with NFT staking, Lottery, and multiple giveaways.


Stake, sit back and enjoy the mind-blowing APY rewards on your staked tokens.


With the mission of empowering chain governance to the community, $ZYNK builds smart DAO, allowing users to participate in voting for each decision, ensuring complete decentralization.